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Institute of Family Relations


Individual psychotherapy

The founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud formed the theoretical basis, the main statements thereof are used for psychotherapy treatment. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is one of the major trends in psychotherapy that is currently used for treatment and it maintains its fundamental position as it aims to comprehend the unique internal human dynamics that influences human feelings, thoughts and behavior. The majority of patients expect to be listened, understood and treated as unique individuals.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is one with the longest application history. Moreover, it is the one with the most profound knowledge and combines extensive practical experience with innovative discoveries in biology, medicine, social sciences, etc. Having ignored the requirement to prove the therapy effectiveness by research for a long period, recently there has been carried out well organised research that confirmed the effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy. The research has showed that psychodynamic treatment benefit is long lasting after the end of the treatment and the psychodynamic therapy causes the awakening of inner resources and capabilities in many people as well as enables them to lead more fulfilling, free and joyful life.

The essence of the psychodynamic therapy is to find and explore the aspects of the self that are not known sufficiently by a person, especially their expression and potential influence to the therapy relations.

Institute of Family Relations applies short-term and long-term, supportive and disclosure psychodynamic psychotherapy. It may be used to treat individuals and groups, families and couples, both adults and adolescent.

The long-term psychotherapy lasts up to 24 sessions (6 months). During the long-term psychodynamic therapy it is important what kind of theory is applied by a psychotherapist as well as the personality of the psychotherapist, his/her work style adopted during the working practice. The main theoretical psychodynamic models that are used by the professionals of Institute of Family Relations are ego psychology, object relation theory, self psychology, and attachment theory. Theoretic orientation emphasizes possible point of view of a therapist to the comprehension of patient problems and substantiates interventions used for their solution.

Despite the time, efforts and financial investment that are required by the long-term psychotherapy treatment, patients tend to opt for long-term therapy relation as they feel to be understood and are able to explore their life problems in confidential environment.

The distinctive features of psychodynamic psychotherapy techniques:

  • Attention concentration on affects and emotional expression
  • Clarification of efforts used to avoid some aspects of experience
  • Clarification of the main subjects of current life and interrelationship models
  • Discussion of previous experience
  • Investigation of interpersonal relationships
  • Focusing on therapy relation
  • Investigation of desires, dreams and fantasies

Main principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy:

  • The greatest part of psychic life is subconscious
  • Childhood experiences as well as genetic factors determine the adulthood
  • Patient displacement to therapist is the main source of his/her comprehension
  • The contra-displacement of therapist provides him/her with significant data about the feelings that patient evokes in others
  • The main target of psychotherapy is the resistance of patient to the therapy process
  • Symptoms and behavior contain a lot of functions and are caused by complex and often subconscious powers

Psychodynamic psychotherapist guides patient seeking authenticity and uniqueness of feelings.

Indications: depression, anxiety, somatoform disorder, eating disorders, alcohol, etc. dependence, borderline and other personality disorders

However psychotherapy may be used for problem solving by the people who experience difficulties but do not suffer from such disorders and feel significantly better, as well as by the ones that have relatively stable feeling of the self and are capable to establish and maintain relationship with at least several people, settle objectives for themselves and function.

  • In case there are difficulties in close relationship or the feeling of dissatisfaction in friendship
  • In case a person is not capable to perform the work for which he/she possesses the necessary skills and capabilities or forces himself/herself to work by denying other important interests
  • In case people experience difficulties asking for help when it is necessary or have a feeling that such help would be of little use despite the fact it is offered
  • In case such people are not able to function using all their capabilities and often experience anxiety and depression or general feeling of unhappiness and lack joy of life.

The length of treatment is from several months to several years. 

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