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Institute of Family Relations


Group psychotherapy

Group therapy is carried out for a dozen of members that have therapeutic relations. Humans live in societies and all their lives participate in different interpersonal relations. A group of people that is respectively formed and lead by a specialist becomes a small scale society that features common human daily relations.

Group work enables better understanding of needs and values of other people, provides an opportunity to experience emotional evaluation and support of other individuals. In group there are a lot of possibilities to make use of experience of other people and adapt it in the own life. Group therapy is an effective way to solve crisis situations and it may be used for anxiety and depression treatment. It aims to correct character features that aggravate life and hinder communication in family or at work. Group therapy reveals human personality and enables new and more profound self-understanding. Group psychotherapy provides more possibilities for intensive changes within a group itself and group relations provide more room for actions, behavior change efforts, possibility to express more spontaneous reactions to the behavior of other members, explore communication risks (e.g. one may allow himself/herself to get angry), i.e. explore the features that majority of people find difficult in every day life.

Relation structure among group members is similar to the common daily one, thus new ways of behavior that are acquired during treatment may be easily applied in the real life. The whole group life becomes treatment factor.

The length of treatment may vary: therapy can be short-term (12-20 sessions) or long-term (more than 20 sessions).

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